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Nature Pulls a “Jurassic Park” on GMO’s and Anti-Biotics

We have known for decades that the daily use of anti-biotics in hand lotion, soaps, cleaning products, and the over prescribing of anti-biotics have resulted in anti-biotics evolving millions of years in less than 100 years of there use on Earth. Peolpe today commonly die from infections contracted in hospitals due to these super bugs breading between their walls.

Now, crop related insects have joined the fun. GMO crops designed to increase yields and kill insects are resulting in Super Insects that quickly evolve to what ever the GMO manufactures.

Man cannot win in an arms race against nature. The answer is a daily lifestyle that promotes healing from the inside out.

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Doctor that promotes natural healing and lifestyle

To learn more about the evolving insects click link below.

GMO crops cause bugs to evolve

Stay healthy with Paleo Diet verse Vaccines

I thank my wonderful wife for sending me this great article. I am so grateful for her study of nutrition leading her to the Paleo Diet. Our family meals today center around veggies, nuts, seeds, and grassfeed meat and eggs.

The standard American diet with white sugar, white flour, and countless additives including hormones and pesticides produces sickness. Americans are told vaccines prevent illness while they continue to eat processed grains and sugar. Americans keep eating junk, taking drugs and continue to get sick.

The article focuses on the Paleo Diet reducing infections, allergies and mucus in the body thus preventing dis-ease. The body is now functioning more effeciently and has more energy to fight invaders as well.

Paleo Diet verse Vaccines for Better Health article

Real Doctor that Uses and Rx Paleo Diet