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“What Harvey heard through the window changed history forever.”

118 years ago, D.D.Palmer made the first adjustment on a deaf man. Harvey Lillard’s hearing was restored and he could hear the clatter of wagon wheels on the brick streets of Davenport, Iowa. D.D. thought he had a cure for deafness. He was the first person to think that adjusting the spine would have a positive affect on the nervous system.

Anyway, people came to him from near and far to get help with their hearing restored, but asthmatics could breathe better, people suffering from diabetes and other chronic problems got results also. This sealed the deal on the adjustment affecting the nervous system.

Today, we are finding out more and more on how the adjustment has a beneficial affect on your nervous system and function. And if you are asthmatic, deaf, have diabetes or a heart problem, a good working nervous system is a must to have.