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Are you having sinus problems?? ” I felt my head and sinus start to drain…”

Upper cervical neck adjustments relieve the tension on your brain stem, which then allows your throat to be more relaxed and allow your sinus passages in your head to drain. Too much tension in your neck restricts the nervous communication to your sinus passages, which then causes pressure that restricts drainage from happening. Chronic sinus infections happen when there is extra pressure on your sinuses and no outlet for the fluids. These fluids provide a continual breeding ground for bacteria to grow. If you have found yourself with a fall-induced cold or sinus infection, I strongly recommend you stop by for a chiropractic adjustment to speed up your recovery. After receiving chiropractic adjustments for colds and sinus infections, ¬†patients often say ” ¬†I felt my head and sinus passages start to drain within 5 minutes of an adjustment”.

Spinal fact of the day:

Every cell, organ, and tissue in the human body is controlled by your Nervous System.

Since your spine protects it wouldn’t it be ideal to keep it aligned with Hartley Chiropractic & CLEAR Scoliosis Center????

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