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Keeping your Kids Ahead of the Curve

Scoliosis is a disease of the spine where, for various and sometimes unknown reasons, the spine starts to curve sideways. A mild case of scoliosis can impair the body’s ability to exercise to the best of its ability; this can be of great concern to martial artists, dancers, gymnasts, and other athletes who want to achieve their maximum potential. If it worsens, scoliosis can cause cosmetic deformities; this is often accompanied by psychological, emotional, and social problems. Young people with scoliosis can be more prone to depression and alcohol abuse because of their condition. The key to preventing this lies in awareness and early detection. As with any disease, whether the flu or a case of cancer, earlier detection equals superior long-term outcomes.

Scoliosis tends to arise between the ages on 9 and 13.

It is very important to have your child screened for scoliosis during this time!

How do you know if your child has scoliosis? The most common method is the Adam’s Forward Bending Test; in this test the child bends forward at the waist with the back visible, and the parent observes the back for signs of asymmetry. Other signs may include:

Dresses or shirts hangs unevenly on the back
The shoulders may appear unlevel
One rib or shoulder blade may stick at more on one side

Scoliosis tends to affect female more then males. If you are concerned that your son or daughter might have scoliosis, it is important to bring them into a scoliosis specialist for an evaluation right away. If left untreated, scoliosis can require surgery. By being aware of the danger of scoliosis, you can ensure that your son or daughter always stays “ahead of the curve”

Keeping Me Healthy Without Drugs

Dr Hartley has been maintaining my spine for several years ….keeping me healthy without the use of drugs. He has helped me over come pain from sciatica, injurys due to an auto accident as well as the many times my back had given out for no apparent reason. He is extremely knowledgeable and can give you answers to all your questions and concerns without hesitation which is always right on target…Not only is he an amazing healer but he is also well versed in nutrition and can help guide you to live a healthier lifestyle.
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One of our Pregnant Patient Reviews!!!!

I saw Dr Hartley during the last trimester of my recent pregnancy and it made a huge difference the comfort level of my hips and lower back. I was able to walk further for exercise and sleep much better. They have a great adjustment table that has a drop-down center with plenty of room for a big pregnant belly which made getting adjusted very easy. We have also been taking our newborn son, now 9 weeks old, to see Dr Hartley for a number of reasons. He had a slight case of torticollis (a tightening of a muscle on one side of the neck that pulls their head to that side and usually requires months of physical therapy to correct) and some digestive issues that I had noticed- predominantly, episodes of throwing up large volumes of breastmilk, some times several times per week, that was atypical and struggling to have bowel movements and pass gas- also very atypical of breastfed newborns. Within one adjustment, I noticed a change In our son’s ability to easily have a bowel movement and after taking him every few days for about two weeks, the torticollis has almost completely resolved. We are extremely pleased with the care we have received and would recommend Dr Hartley to anyone. He even squeezed me in for a quick adjustment after he worked on my son one day when my upper back was giving me trouble. His staff is also an absolute pleasure to deal with!