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Step 2 ”The Fix”

“The Fix Procedure” Once the supporting spinal structures are loosened and pliable. the doctor will then direct the spine into proper alignment through safe and effective spinal adjustments referred to us as the FIX. Our method of adjusting is based off of years of clinical research by hundreds of doctors. Hartley Chiropractic has compiled this research and selected “the best of the best”!

Eckard Table

The Leander Eckard table flexes up and down loosening the tightened muscles and ligaments that are present in a scoliotic spine. The motion also pumps nutrients into the spinal discs, improving spinal health. Patients are positioned to open up the scoliotic curve and rehabilitate the wedged discs.

Core Stim

The core stim creates two different vibratory frequencies that are applied to targeted areas to relax overactive muscles and loosen tight ligaments and tendons directly supporting the spine.

Equipment used during ”The Mix”

The Wobble Chair. In the scoliotic spine, The discs become wedged and immobile. Adding to the problem, discs no longer receive blood supply after the start of puberty. Therefore,the only way fluid and nutrients can get in to the discs to keep them healthy through motion. The specific movement of the wobble chair pumps nutrients into the discs and increases spinal flexibility. The wobble chair heats up those tissues, making everything pliable and preparing your spine for the other MIX procedure.

Scoliosis Correction Step 1 ” The Mix”

Step 1 – “The MIX”
The scoliotic spine has tight muscles, ligaments and tendons that have evolved over time with the scoliosis. Our first step in correction is to “loosen them up”,also known as the MIX. Spinal flexibility is one of the key factors in scoliosis reduction. The MIX develops this imperative flexibility in that spine. Hartley Chiropractic Scoliosis Correction Clinic has specialized equipment that has been designed solely for this purpose. This process is generally painless and relaxing for the patient.