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Another Awesome Patient Review…!

Our family has had the pleasure of having Dr. Hartley as our chiropractor for several years. He has helped us with back pain, neck/shoulder pain and posture issues. He is very pleasant and really cares about the total well-being of his patients. We have learned a great deal from Dr. Hartley. We are lucky to have him in St. Augustine!

Another one of our Amazing Reviews!!!!!

I have been under the care of Hartley Chiropractic since 1996 when Dr. Hartley opened his practice in St. Augustine. My experience with Hartley Chiropractic has been one of receiving continuing beneficial care not only in chiropractic but also in education of nutrition and recent research regarding holistic health to help me make informed and wise decisions regarding diet, exercise, and natural ways of living a healthy life. I would highly recommend Dr. Hartley for anyone who is interested in living a optimal health life style through chiropractic and nutrition.


I have seen chiropractors in the past, but never with the results that I’ve gotten with this practice. I began seeing Dr. Hartley at the beginning of my third pregnancy, and cannot say enough about his knowledge and attentiveness to finding the root cause of symptoms. Within two visits, he pinpointed an issue that several doctors and blood work could not give an answer for (without my even asking him). I am 34 weeks along now, and am thrilled to report that this is my first pregnancy with significantly less (almost zero) migraines, vein problems, and even preterm labor. Looking forward to birthing with a local midwife in town (referred by Dr. J also) and adding our newborn to his appointment schedule. He is also great with kids. My son (4) and daughter (2) have gone all cold season without needing to see a doctor other than Dr. J. We have always tried to treat things naturally, but since birth, my son has gone from a runny nose to bronchitis and pneumonia almost immediately. We haven’t gotten away from colds entirely, but with adjustments and Dr. J’s suggestions on natural treatments, we’ve made it through this winter with nothing more than a runny nose/cough. He also suggested I keep track of my son’s diet to see if certain foods could be a potential cause to his respiratory issues. My kids love going to the “piropractor” and fight over who gets to go first at each adjustment. Thank you, Hartley Chiropractic!


Scoliosis is associated with pain, although it commonly may be. Even in patients without pain, heart and lung function is often compromised. According to the National Scoliosis Foundation, scoliosis is even associated with reduced life expectancy. On average, due to strain on the heart and reduced amount of oxygen supplied to the body. Scoliosis is also associated with headaches, shortness of breath, digestive problems, chronic disease and hip, knee and leg pain.


At Hartley Chiropractic we find that the sooner a scoliosis can begin can begin correction the better the results will be. It is never to late to start and it is never to early. Medical standards of care dictate ”observation only” until a curve reaches 20-25 degrees some form of brace is generally recommended. If you have reached or are nearing a 40-50 degree curve it is likely that surgery has been discussed with you and /or recommended.