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Text Neck Correction and Prevention

As summer is ending and we begin to smell the fall in the air, we should all be paying attention to keeping our spine in alignment. Having regular adjustments keeps the balance of nature and keeps us healthy through natural healing. September is text neck awareness and ways to prevent it.



Though we all effortlessly text without indiscretion of what will happen to our neck we want you to know the risks that can occur:
Flattening of the Spinal Curve        Onset of Early Arthritis

Spinal Misalignment                           Disc Herniation Disc Compression

Muscle Damage                                    Nerve Damage

  Loss of Lung Volume Capacity     Gastrointestinal Problems 

While it is nearly impossible to avoid technologies that causes the issue individuals should make an effort to look at there phones with a neutral spine and avoid spending hours every day hunched over, So Imagine for every inch the head tilts forward the pressure on the spine doubles.


“Back Pain is Alleviated…Dr. J is Awesome!” , Satisfied Patient

Due to a severe back injury I have daily back pain which can cause other pains in my hips, legs, arms and sometimes my neck. I went to see Dr. J and he has helped alleviate most of these pains and made it possible for me to live normally without pain. His gentle approach made it easy to go to my weekly visits. Dr. J and his staff were always very friendly and accommodating of my last-minute schedule changes as well. Dr. J is Awesome!

All about Text Neck!



IMG_0141This is Dr J texting without prism glasses which is making him hold his head down and messing up his alignment and is how” text neck” begins

This is Dr. J laying on the Neckbone with prism glasses to keep him from getting “Text Neck” and keep the curve in his neck.


This is Dr J having the Ipad at eye level, where he is holding his head over his shoulders and not looking down causing him to get “text neck”


Dr. J is using prism glasses while at his desk helping him to keep his neck over his shoulders preventing “text neck”


These are our prism glasses which help you look down at your phone or tablet without actually bending your neck and causing “text neck”.

IMG_0143This is a “Neckbone” which helps your keep the curve in your neck and helps your spine align the way it is suppose too!

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