Healthy And FUN Summer Days

Healthy Fun Summer Days
Easy Ideas for Healthy Nutrition and Exercise this Summer

This summer is a great opportunity to turn the corner with increasing fun, nutrition and exercise . While childhood obesity leads to both chronic and acute conditions in the child and adult YOU have a great opportunity to make a change this summer. First of all plan out your summer activities with a family calendar. Find out what excites YOU and each of your kids then look for events that match up to your family. Plan daily outdoor activities that keep the kids out of the house and give them something to look forward to. This can be as simple as taking a soccer ball and volleyball net to a park. Always take something to do in case you need it. Dr. J Hartley at Hartley Chiropractic is a wealth of information in summer family acitivies and exercise in St.Augustine, FL.

Healthy Summer Nutrition
When it is hot in the summer it is an easy time of year to start eating cool and refreshing raw fruits and vegetables. Keep the refrigerator and pantry stocked with raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. For breakfast make a green smoothie. In the beginning of the summer use more fruit. For example banana, strawberry and almond milk with a little bit of avocado. Then each week add more vegetables to the smoothie. The smoothie at the end of the summer might be apple, ginger, kale and avocado. After breakfast and before heading out of the house, pack a cooler with everything your will need for your adventure. This prevents quick stops for fast food. Chop up vegetables and fruit. Hummus makes a great dip. Remember to bring along lots of water, which makes it easier to slide by the soda machine. Then for dinner keep the kids outside for a nightly BBQ. Lean fish or chicken grilled on a salad or with grilled vegetables is terrific on a summer evenly. While the kids are shooting hoops or swimming in the pool and do not even realize they have been eating good and exercising all day! Last but not least, dessert, a summer time favorite. The obvious choice is ice cold fruit salad or all fruit popsicles. Dr. J has some great summer recipes for YOU and YOUR family.

Eating Raw Vegetables is great for a healthy fun summer and life
Recent studies have shown then those that eat a mainly vegetarian diet live longer and have a better quality of life. YOU will have less risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. When your nutrition builds YOUR energy giving YOU the strength to have fun and enjoy life.
Hartley Chiropractic Health and Nutrition Consultation
Call our office at 904-669-6038 or log on to to learn about our summer new patient appointments. Dr. J Hartely is ready to address any health or nutrition concerns YOU may have. Helping St. Augustine families make the best of there summers for a 17 years!

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