Healthy Restaurants in St. Augustine

Here in St. Augustine, Florida there are 3 local restaurants that can help us stick with our healthy eating resolutions at home and on the go.

Diane's Natural Market
2 locations in St. Augustine
Natural and organic foods, produce, vitamins, supplements and a cafe

Smoothie Fresh
2 locations in St. Augustine
Juices, smoothies, salads and wraps

Present Moment Cafe
King Street in St. Augustine
Organic, vegetarian, gluten-free fare as well as food classes and workshops

A healthy diet and chiropractic care are two important components of a healthy body.  Dr J Hartley can provide a consultation to get you on your way.  Our office is located at 1740 Tree Blvd., St. Augustine 32084 and can be reached at 904-679-3233.




About J Hartley

1992 Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate 1995 Diplomate American Chirpractic Neurology Board 2012 Fellow Palmer Academy of Chiropractic CLEAR Certified Intensive Care Scoliosis Doctor Practice in St. Augustine Since 1996 Owner of Hartley Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center in St. Augustine, FL

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