Mammography Screening Truth, Lies, and Controversy findings confirmed by recent British Medical Journal Article

In the book, Mammography Screening Truth, Lies and Controversy Peter C. Gotzsche reveals how in doing research in Europe on Mammography he stumbled on a very interesting fact. Although there were claims that Mammography saved lives, the fact is the overall death rate in countries where mammography was introduced did not go down. Upon bringing this information to the goverment and the healthcare community he was attacked. It was obvious that what he stumbled upon what would throw a wrench in the health care system as we know it today. Huge amounts of money were invested in Mammography equipement, and resultant drugs and surgery for people with false positives.

If someone has surgery on a false positive they are considered a cancer survivor after five years. But, what the recent British Medical Journal article confirmed was that with a 25 year follow up the over all cancer death rate has not been reduced. And this is why in most countries the recommendation for Mammography has been reduced. Because of the money, power and emotions related to the subject in the USA our country has struggled with what he proper recommendation should be.

Thermography is a non-invasive alternative way to monitor potential breast cancer. High tech heat sensing camera images create a map of the breast. Certain patterns or heat increases indicate the possibility of cancer and then further studies are needed.

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British Medical Journal Aricles Reveals Mammograph does not save lives

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