My daughter is already feeling better after a few years of intense pain with no answers….We are already realizing what a blessing we have found!!

20 years of outstanding service to patients in St. Augustine has garnered Dr. J Hartley the gratitude of hundreds. As 2016 marks this auspicious 20th anniversary, we would like to share another such story.

My daughter and I both started under Doctor Hartley’s care about 2 weeks and 1 week ago respectively,, and we are already realizing what a blessing we have found!

We both have multiple issues that require patience and gentleness, and we are getting exactly that. Dr. Hartley’s knowledge far surpasses the typical chiropractic care we have received in the past. For the first time, we finally know exactly what problems we have been dealing with and he knows what to do to solve them. There is no comparison! My daughter is already feeling better after a few years of intense pain with no answers.

The ladies in the office are so sweet and supportive. He is blessed to have them and so are we. Besides Dr. Hartley’s incredible knowledge and advanced system of therapy and healing, he is a kind, attentive and positive person; which matters a lot to us!

Thank you Hartley Chiropractic and we thank our Heavenly Father for leading us there!


Amy’s case is another prime example that health starts with the spine. Join patients like Amy @ Hartley Chiropractic & CLEAR Scoliosis Center to start your journey on the road to a healthy and pain free 2016 by contacting Dr. J Hartley for a consultation @ 904-679-3233.

Our office is located at 1740 Tree Blvd Suite# 115, St. Augustine 32084; Serving Jacksonville, Gainesville , Daytona Beach and all of North Florida/Southeast Georgia.

About J Hartley

1992 Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate 1995 Diplomate American Chirpractic Neurology Board 2012 Fellow Palmer Academy of Chiropractic CLEAR Certified Intensive Care Scoliosis Doctor Practice in St. Augustine Since 1996 Owner of Hartley Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center in St. Augustine, FL

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