” Why Get An Original Neck Bone? ” …and how it may improve your health

Getting the original neck bone may be essential for your health. From the side view of your neck you  should have a natural forward curve. http://umm.edu/programs/spine/health/guides/cervical-kyphosis

Dr. J Hartley has been helping people understand the importance of a normal forward cervical curve for 20 years.

The Forward Head Factor When Sleeping On Your Back

Most cervical pillow make the head go forward. The ear should be centered over the shoulders. The Neck Bone allows you to sleep with the normal curve and keep your head over your shoulders. http://www.originalbones.com/why-original-bones.php

The Health Factor

Loss of cervical curve and forward head posture cause cervical cord pressure, nerve root and spine tension resulting in loss of health. The Neck Bone corrects both cervical curve and forward head posture.

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About J Hartley

1992 Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate 1995 Diplomate American Chirpractic Neurology Board 2012 Fellow Palmer Academy of Chiropractic CLEAR Certified Intensive Care Scoliosis Doctor Practice in St. Augustine Since 1996 Owner of Hartley Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center in St. Augustine, FL

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